Mattress manufacturer from design to finished all in own production line
Dapeng Mattress manufacturer focusing on the production of Mattress for 13 years., We know the product and know how to save more than 10% of the purchase cost of your project; whether in terms of size, color, material, packaging and other dimensions.
Can be ordered according to customer requirements (free design and quota plan)
Make your own product!
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Trademark embroidery
Trademark embroidery
Independent spring
Side machining
Mattress side machining
Single interstitch cotton
Buckle cloth
Adhesive adhesive machine
1. Demand Analysis
Confirm the process and structure requirements, and customize the product size, color, packaging, LOGO printing, or design and produce according to CAD drawings.
2. Proofing
2. Proofing
Confirm the production drawings, and the customer signs to confirm the production.
3. Confirm the signing of the contract
The contract will be confirmed after the details of cooperation and delivery date are confirmed
4. Order production
4. Order production
Our production base from Germany, Italy. the introduction of technology leader in high precision production line. Ensure products quality.
5. Finished product inspection
The quality inspection department will strictly control product quality and optimize non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free green products.
6. Mass production
6. Mass production
International product R&D center. Overall control of the intelligent system. Ensure efficient production.
7.Logistics & Delivery
Dapeng as Manufacturer All finished mattress are assembled within the custom packaging and are arranged in cargo containers to keep them safe and on-time arrivals.
8. After-sales tracking
8. After-sales tracking
We have a professional customer service center, to ensure the product installation is complete.
Production Advantages
Manufacturer's production process flow implementation standard - SOP
Each process can be performed automatically by using automated equipment, reducing the rate of defective products, effectively saving material and product production costs, making your brand more effective of cost.
Leave your Purchasing demand and  tell your idea to our manufacturer's project manager
Leave your Purchasing demand and tell your idea to our manufacturer's project manager
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Mattress Manufacturing
Manufacturing all the parts
The production of mattress, from 0 to 1, as a quality supplier manufacturer, strictly control every step of production, pay attention to every detail How Dapeng manage the whole manufacturing process of mattress and complete your order on budget and on time, batch after batch.