Design-Obsessed Team and Attitude
Dapeng’s R&D department hosts a prime selection of qualified engineers and designers, piloted by our founder. Through our determination towards quality development and results, we have gained over 100 patents in as fast as 7 years. As one team, we are committed to bringing you new products that excel in the market. Designs begin with your ideas and inputs, from which we identify your needs and apply our manufacturing knowledge to produce a responsive solution.
Mattress design
Mattress design
Dapeng has the design staff, can quickly on your project of mattress new mold opening processing, to achieve three days of real mold display, seven days can achieve from 0 to 1 real product delivery samples.
Mattress inspection
Every product of your project, Dapeng will take care of it as if it were its own project product, from steel design die-casting, cutting, polishing and packaging are all handled carefully so that your project is delivered to you from a meticulous process.
Mattress model cutting
Automatic tool grinding
Tool automation injection molding machine